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Hi Friends,

My last tour, “The Final Outing” starts in earnest this weekend with a sold-out show tonight in the Philly area, then shows in eastern Massachusetts, and will continue through August! I’m excited to see so many of you, who I’ve met at shows over the years, and say “thanks!” I’ve had 25 adventure-filled years as a road warrior and I’ll soon be starting a new chapter…


Physical CD:
She also sells most of my previously released titles and has reduced the price on all the other titles in my catalog to $10!

Amazon Digital:


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Those who pre-ordered it on Kickstarter are telling me it’s their new favorite! It’s my new fave too, and a perfect bookend to Truth From Lies, from the mid-90’s.


My website has been updated for the new CD release, so make your way over to it and check out the tour dates and other pages. Here are the states I’ll be in over the next few months, so you can scan to see if I’m coming to you, starting this week in MA (many dates), then TX, NY, IA, WI, MN, MI, IL, OH, NH, CA, CT NC, TN, GA, FL, ME, WA, OR … and more to come!


I started a private group on Facebook that I welcome you to join! It’s called the Make Stuff Up Club with Catie Curtis. I give regular writing prompts (at least 3 a week), and we all reply in the comments with our responses! For example, every Friday we do haikus. One Friday they were about favorite beverages. You can imagine the range of poems about everything from water and chai tea to whiskey. For me, it’s as much fun reading the responses as it is writing! You can write as much or as little as you want. I find that making stuff up on a regular basis keeps my little light going! And it’s free!

Join us here: Make Stuff Up Club


Imagine having the time to be creative with no other distractions … all meals are prepared and dishes done for you. Come to our retreat! You will get used to being pampered. We lead daily workshops that prompt your writing in a playful way. We offer feedback sessions and song circles. You’ll enjoy the lush nature found on gorgeous Robinhood Cove, Georgetown Island ME. No experience or skill is required. We welcome everyone with love for music and a desire to be creative in a safe space. The 5th Anniversary of “Catie at the Cove” is July 25th-30th, 2017. The retreat is co-facilitated by the effervescent and talented Jenna Lindbo. Go to to find out more, and apply!


Are you engaged? Considering getting engaged? Wondering how to make your day special? When I marry you, I help to write the service, put together the prose and flow of the day and of course, help to choose songs that feel right to you. I officiate the ceremony, and play music as well. I also play milestone anniversary parties (often as a surprise guest!) and birthday celebrations. Write to me ( for more info.

I look forward to connecting with you all in one way or another—at a show, a retreat, a private event, or online!


PS In case you missed the original announcement about going off the road, here it is:

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