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Bare Naked Ladies and Catie

I just returned from Colorado where I performed with the Bare Naked Ladies.  We were both guests on the show "Etown" link.  The show was ridiculously fun.  Here's us singing Yellow Submarine as a finale... (photo on home page by Tim Reese).  Etown is recorded at the Boulder Theater, and this episode be broadcast on many public and commercial radio stations across the US in August.  Once broadcast, the show will also  be downloadable (is this a word?) as a podcast.  Go to itunes to subscribe to Etown's free podcast.    

This month I'm laying low in a cottage on Lake Michigan (playing a couple Michigan shows while I'm here) before returning to New England for several shows in July.  Also there's a recently added Toronto show in July.  

Sweet Life, the new CD, will be released on September 9th 2008! Click below to read more. I'm so excited to put this recording out-- I think it may be my best yet.

yours truly,
PS Congratulations, Californians, on marriage equality starting now!  

updated: 10 years ago