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Catie Curtis

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I Don't Cry Anymore

(d) (a/c#) (em7) (gadd9)
(d) (a/c#) (em7) (gadd9)

(gadd9) we didn't know what to (d) call it
(gadd9) we were just sixteen (d)
(g) i kept your picture in my (d) pocket
(em7) though you were always with me (a/c#)
(g) and we thought no one would (d) notice
(gadd9) if we followed all the rules (d)
(gadd9) but they found out about (bm) us
(gadd9) and kicked us both out of school (a)

(d) i (a/c#) i don't cry any (em7) more (gadd9)
(d) i (a/c#) i don't cry any (em7) more (gadd9)

(gadd9) we drove across the (d) country
(gadd9) we didn't know where to go (d)
(gadd9) and we leased a hotel (d) room
(em7) somewhere in idaho (a/c#)
(gadd9) but the whole thing (d) scared you
(gadd9) so you took a bus back home (d)
(gadd9) i coudn't talk to my (bm) family
(g) so i went on alone (a/c#)


Instrumental break w/vocal ad lib:
(d) (a/c#) (em7) (gadd9)
(d) (a/c#) (em7) (gadd9) (gadd9)

(gadd9) i still think about (d) you
(gadd9) though we never talk (d)
(gadd9) i heard that you got (d) married
(em7) and i put your picture in a box (a/c#)
(gadd9) but i hope that you're not (d) sorry
(gadd9) for the choice you made (d)
(gadd9) i'm finally alive (bm) again
(gadd9) i hope your body's not your (a) grave


Outro (repeat & fade w/vocal ad lib):
(d) (a/c#) (em7) (gadd9)

C. 1997 Water tower music used with permission


Produced by Roy Bittan
all words and music by catie curtis c 1997

Catie plays this capo 7th fret, G configuration

updated 8 years ago