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Catie Curtis

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Falling Silent in the Dark

In the (g) dark of december,
In the (em7) late afternoon
I can (cadd9) still remember
All (d) about you
'cause the (g) heart of the memory
It hasn't (em7) faded yet
And the (cadd9) way that you loved me
I (d) will never forget

And the (g) snow falls right (d)
By my bed (cadd9) at night (d)
(g) so (d/f#) steady like your (em7) heart (cadd9)
(g) falling (d) silent in the dark (em7) (cadd9)

(g) (em7) (g) (em7)

In the (g) days of the winter,
It's even (em7) cold in the sun
And that's (cadd9) probably a good thing
'cause (d) it keeps me numb
So i (g) can remember
And (em7) not even cry
The (cadd9) smile on your face
And the (d) laugh in your eye


Instrumental break:
(g) (d) (em7) (cadd9) (g) (d) (em7) (cadd9)

In the (g) dead of the night,
In my (em7) deepest of dreams
We are (cadd9) always together
(d) in every scene
I can (g) feel you with me,
I can (em7) feel your skin
I can (cadd9) feel how easy
It would be to (d) love you again


And it's (g) so (d/f#) strange to be (em7) apart (cadd9)
(g) falling (d) silent in the (em7) dark (d/c c) (gadd9)

C. 1997 Water tower music used with permission

updated 8 years ago