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Catie Curtis

Bubbles Background Tomboy Exchange


Intro: (g am7 g/b) (cadd9 dadd4)
(g am7 g/b) (cadd9) (dadd4) (dadd4)

(g) you used to save (d) your sister
(em7) you used to be (cadd9) the boy
(g) you cannot say (d) your capgun
(em7) to you was just (cadd9) a toy
(g) and i'm still (d) hoping that you
Are(em7) not made of steel (cadd9)
(g) superman is all (d) right
But i want (em7) someone who's real (cadd9)

Heroes (g am7 g/b) (cadd9)
I don't (dadd4) know any (g am7 g/b) (cadd9)
So stop (dadd4) trying to (em7) be one (d) (cadd9)
And just be somebody (d dsus d)
Someone (g am7 g/b) (cadd9)
Who can (dadd4) be a fool (g am7 g/b) (cadd9)
Someone (dadd4) who can love (em7) me (d) (cadd9)
Not be silent and cool (d dsus) (d)

(g) love is a (d) mystery but you
(em7) can't solve it like (cadd9) a crime
(g) love is a (d) puzzle but you
(em7) can't leave it to (cadd9) your mind
(g) i'm getting tired (d) of trying to
Get (em7) your heart to speak (cadd9)
The (g) love can't make you strong (d)
Until the love (em7) can make you weak (cadd9)


Outro: (instrumental solo/repeat & fade):
(g am7 g/b) (cadd9 dadd4)
(g am7 g/b) (cadd9 dadd4)

C. 1997 Water tower music used with permission


Catie plays this with the capo, 5th fret, in drop D

updated 8 years ago