East Coast Shows, Church-State Separation and Pug Puppy!  

Hello my friends,

I must confess to being quite soft today.  After a crazy busy fall, I have taken some time off the road this spring.  My guitar player’s callouses are hardly visible.  I am not keeping a suitcase half-packed in my bedroom.  My children are not surprised to have me home on a Saturday.  We got a pug puppy much to Sam the pug's consternation.  It has been pretty awesome.  While at home, I have been working on producing benefit concerts to take place all around the country in September.  We are planning more than 50 shows in houses, clubs and community spaces to raise money and awareness for Americans United for Separation of Church and State. If you are tired of anti-gay marriage referendums, or efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, or proposed legislation requiring that creationism be taught in schools, you probably want to support A.U. because they stand up to the fundamentalist religious right on all these issues. We are rolling out the news of the benefit concerts (and asking for more volunteers) at Voices United Concerts.

Next week I’ll be back on the road for a week of shows in the Southeast.  I start out on May 8th in Decatur and Duluth GA, head up to Florence, South Carolina, and then down to Florida where I will log many road miles driving to St. Augustine, Key West and Tampa.   The wonderful Jenna Lindbo will accompany me on this tour, playing some of her own tunes as well, by popular demand.  Talented singer/songwriter Carsie Blanton will open the first three shows.  

May 18 and 20 I play concerts in Philly and Maryland, along with a Saturday festival in Belvidere New Jersey that I think anyone and everyone would love.  It’s called  Muses in the Vineyard and will feature women artists including Patty Larkin and Trina Hamlin.  

And finally, I am playing one last Boston area gig until the fall, at Club Passim on May 29th.  Jenna Lindbo will open and accompany me at this show.  

I hope to see you out there!  


P.S.  I have read two books recently that I can recommend:
Joe Blair’s By the Iowa Sea and Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother.

East Coast Shows Church-State Separation and Pug Puppy nbsp

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