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2013 BIO
Catie Curtis is a veteran of the singer/songwriter folk scene, touring throughout the US for 20 years and releasing 13 CDs. Her credits include touring with Lilith Fair, and winning Grand Prize in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition (with co-writer Mark Erelli) and recording a duet with Kris Kristofferson. Her songs appear in numerous films and tv shows. She has been called a "folk-rock goddess" by the New Yorker, and has performed at the White House several times.

July News
I am in the final weeks of my annual summer sabbatical, which I spend on the shores of lake Michigan with my family.  My wife Liz directs a camp here, and the kids and I get to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings and fun people at Camp Miniwanca. Michigan's west coast is a hidden gem known for stunning sunsets, fresh cherries and blueberries, sand dunes, and a nice slow pace of life.   Reminds me somewhat of my home state of Maine.  However, I think I've finally stopped expecting Lake Michigan to be salty.  

Kristen Hall (songwriter & producer) and I will pick back up where we left off with the recording when I return to work in August.  We've tracked 9 tunes so far (penned by Kristen and me) for "The Flying Dream" and we are planning to record a Burt Bacharach tune to round things out.  Then she and I plan to lay down the killingest harmonies all over the thing.  I want to thank Jen Walker who just made a donation to the project that will help me finish the tracking!  

From August 20-25 I'll be hosting my "Catie at the Cove" songwriter's retreat up on Georgetown Island in Maine.  I am so excited to bring together a group of talented and inspired folks and watch what happens when you make time and space for creativity!  Jenna Lindbo and Scott Stoll will be hosting with me.  

I hope you all are having a lovely summer!