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Catie's Summer News

Hello Friends,

June is here! The school year ends, summer plans kick in, and those of us who stay indoors all winter are finally outside saying hi to neighbors! Over the summer I'm co-producing (with Jenna Lindbo and Scott Stoll) our 7th annual Catie at the Cove Retreat, which is sold out again this year. Let me know if you wish we produced a retreat near you. One of these years we'd like to expand our operation.  :-)  Also, I have TWO gigs this summer. One is 7/20 in Freeport, ME and the other is 8/7 in Cambridge, MA at Club Passim.

In my new-found parallel life as a graduate student, I am running groups at a residential treatment center for people with substance use disorder. I love the work. Running groups combines the improvisory experience of performance with all the stuff I'm learning in class. While I'm not playing as much music (of course), I am writing weekly thanks to the supporters via my Patreon page. Sign up to receive songs (and song bits) as fast as I create them.

I hope you are all well!
Perhaps I'll see you in Maine or Massachusetts this summer!
All the best,

updated: 10 months ago