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January News

I'll be playing one of the Inaugural Balls once again!  This year I'm taking John Jennings and a rocking rhythm section to the Pennsylvania Society Inaugural Gala.  Thanks to the fans in Pennsylvania who got me on the bill!

Currently, I'm home writing songs for my next CD.  I've written a couple tunes with Kristen Hall (formerly of the band Sugarland) and Jenna Lindbo (one of my favorite up and coming songwriters).  Later in the month I'll be touring again, on and off through the spring.  

I loved playing those holiday shows, touring with my CD  "A Catie Curtis Christmas."  The show at the White House was a blast.  I enjoyed the musical change of pace, and I hope those of you who heard the holiday music enjoyed it as well.

Keep warm out there,

updated: 10 years ago