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Catie Returns to the White House with New Holiday CD!

THE NEW CD: “A Catie Curtis Christmas (with Elana Arian, Ingrid Graudins and John Jennings)" is now out via CD Baby  and Bulletproof Store!
Consider the possibility of doing much of your holiday shopping at these DIY music sites!  

JUST CONFIRMED:  I’ve been invited back to the White House to play an evening concert on Saturday, December 15th.  Elana Arian and Ingrid Graudins will be joining me there again.  My wife and kids are coming too.  The times, they are still changing!

THE TOUR:  The “Catie Curtis Christmas” Tour begins in Cleveland on November 20, and includes dates in NJ, PA, NY, MA, VT and VA.  Kate Kooser with bring the harmonies in Cleveland, and Ingrid Graudins, who sings on the recording, will accompany me at all of the other CCC tour shows.   Elana Arian will be featured on fiddle and vox along with Ingrid at the Northampton, MA and Vienna VA shows.  Some of the songs on this tour are Christmasy, but if Christmas is not your thing, I will also be playing some brand new tunes, and requests from past CDs.  I approach Christmas from a Unitarian’s point of view.  It’s all about love and the possibility of peace.  Some listeners will enjoy this music even if they don’t celebrate Christmas.   Click HERE for info and links to tix.  

My thoughts are with those still affected by Hurricane Sandy.  If you haven’t had a chance to donate, here’s the link to the Red Cross.  Go for it!  

THANKS and SEE YA OUT THERE... in person or on Facebook.


updated: 6 years ago