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Catie Curtis

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River Winding

Intro: (ab absus) (ab absus) (ab absus) (ab absus)

(ab) river winding
(fm7) through this mill town
My home- (db) town is dark by four (ab absus)
(ab) winter coming,
(fm7) the mills have long shut down and
(db) no one's working (eb) anymore
And i (fm7) drove by mcdonalds
And a (db) long line has followed
From a (ab) posting today of a job (eb ebsus eb)
(ab) river winding (fm7) through the darkness
Al- (db) ways to rise and fall (ab absus) (ab absus)

(ab) river winding,
(fm7) you wouldn't believe how many
(db) souls were glued right here (ab absus)
(ab) winter coming,
(fm7) everyone's got shoes but
(db) no one knows how to get (ebsus) through the (eb) year
And i (fm7) drove by my high school
And the (db) students are so few now
(ab) so many families have (ebsus) left (eb)
(ab) river winding (fm7) through the darkness
Sometimes (db) cursed and sometimes blessed (fm7) (db) (ab) (eb)

Instrumental break: (ab) (fm7) (db) (ab absus)

(ab) river winding,
(fm7) sparkling in the moonlight
(db) cleaner than it's been (ab absus) but the
(ab) main street store fronts
(fm7) are mostly empty now
(db) handwritten signs, (ebsus) space for (eb) rent
And i (fm7) drove by the factories
And the (db) windows were broken
Where the (ab) lights use to be always on (ab absus ab)
(ab) river winding (fm7) through the darkness
Al- (db) ways to move along (fm7) along (ebsus eb)

Instrumental outro (repeat final chord & fade):
(ab absus) (ab absus) (ab absus) (ab5)

C. 1997 Water tower music used with permission

updated 8 years ago