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Catie Curtis Provides a Stunning Musical Performance at North Rim

Posted on January 9, 2012 by valerie
There are two things the audience attending Friday’s Catie Curtis concert seemed to learn: (1) Catie is an incredible storyteller whose powerful and uplifting lyrics can likely seduce a smile out of anyone; and (2) there was a little magic in the air that night.
Catie Curtis, an award-winning singer/songwriter, wife, mom, philanthropist and female “folk-rock goddess”, has an uncanny ability to radiate a positive and authentic glow felt by everyone in her presence. While she’s been to Bend a handful of times throughout the past decade, her credits include performing at the White House, and sharing the stage with Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dar Williams, Patty Griffin and Melissa Ferrick, among others.
What a night to kick off our North Rim Lodge Concert Series of 2012. It started off a bit magical with a timely light snowfall that looked dazzling against the white twinkling lights outside the Lodge. Yes, we’ve been waiting for this white stuff for some time now and it seemed to make us all a bit giddy as we prepared for Catie’s performance.
And then, a treat for us local Bendites! Catie brought guest, Jenna Lindbo, a Bend High graduate whose blossoming career led her to touring with Catie last fall. While the audience included much of Jenna’s friends and family, by the evening’s end, we all became fans of Jenna’s darling personality, moving lyrics and beautiful, clear voice (and boy, can she play a mean banjo!). One of the most moving moments of the night is when Jenna sang a song she wrote about the piano teacher that inspired her love of music, and her teacher’s late mother who had greatly influenced three generations of musicians. That teacher was in the audience and there were many damp eyes as we witnessed the love and appreciation between the two families.
And just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, we experienced another treat during Catie and Jenna’s final performance of “Let There Be Life”. “Is there possibly someone in the audience who knows sign language?” Catie inquired. One hand in the second row shot up “I’m a sign language interpreter,” was the response. In this intimate crowd of 80 or so people, we learned that this interpreter, CM, had met her future wife on a cruise in which Catie had performed years earlier. This couple has been emotionally connected to Catie and her music ever since, which had landed them in Bend on this winter night. CM spontaneously but beautifully interpreted the lyrics of a moving song that was performed with a power and emotion that was not lost on anyone in the audience.