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Catie Curtis

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I Still Want To

Intro: (g gsus g) (g gsus g) (g gsus g) (g gsus g)

I've (g) fallen (gsus) off of (g) bicycles
I've (g) fallen (gsus) out of (g) trees
I've (g) fallen (gsus) through the (g) ice
And i have (g) fallen (gsus) to my (g) knees

(em7add4) but i still want to
(dsus) i'd still love to
(em7add4) i still need to
(dsus) just try
(em7add4) because i want you
(dsus) because i love you
(em7add4) because i'm crazy
(dsus) because i am alive again

(g gsus g) (g gsus g) (g gsus g) (g gsus g)

I (g) got my (gsus) mother (g) worrying
(g) and my (gsus) sister (g) too
(g) they'd give (gsus) me their (g) blessings
If i (g) would not (gsus) fall for (g) you


Instrumental break:
(gmaj7/b cadd9) (cadd9 d) (gmaj7/b cadd9) (cadd9) (d) (d)

(g) you've got (gsus) eyes that (g) shine on me
And a (g) smile that (gsus) stops me (g) dead
I'm (g) taking (gsus) back those (g) cynical
(g) things that (gsus) i once (g) said


Outro (instrumental & vocal ad lib) repeat & fade: (em7add4) (dsus)

C. 1997 Water tower music used with permission


Catie plays in tuning:  DGDGAE

updated 8 years ago