Catie Curtis is an artist whose songs unarm me, move me to put down my defenses and just be with them. She lures me in through her kindness and respect for all beings. I have been listening to her music for years, she is an inspiration to me. She knows the power of gentleness, and the vulnerability in her voice has always undone me. Made me want to be a better person. She's teamed up with the enourmously gifted Kristen Hall this time, and this record is one for the ages. Give a listen, then another. You'll feel it too...

Mary Gauthier

Catie Curtis displayed a gift for making simple kindness seem edgy and chic, her gorgeous falsetto leaps embellishing the simplicity of her vocals.

Scott Alarik

Folk-rock goddess

The New Yorker

With a clear, deceptively gentle voice, she can turn on a dime and thrill  the listener with unforeseen power and emotion.
Seventeen caught up with singer/songwriter Catie Curtis, whose songs have been featured on TV shows including Desperate Housewives and Alias, as she gets ready to release her ninth album, Sweet Life. She's also in the midst of the launch of her new charity initiative, "Aspire to Inspire"!
Any fool can write a love-gone wrong song; it takes a real genius to write a love-gone-right one. No urban songwriter does that better than Curtis.


(producer) Entress has skilfully fashioned and burnished a classic Catie Curtis song collection.

Arthur Wood

...she's one of the best singer-songwriters recording today.

Shauna Swartz

accessible, socially conscious songwriting and gorgeous voice

Sue Bell

Curtis's songs are beautifully and deceptively well crafted, her production tastefully understated, and her singing so heartbreakingly pure, pained, and devoid of artifice as to suggest she knows not only your secrets, but your soul.

Alanna Nash

Quando dieci anni fa Catie Curtis, cantautrice con base a Boston, debutt con Truth From Lies la critica non manc di sottolineare le grandi potenzialit del suo cantautorato arrivando a definirla, in modo forse un po' improbabile, come una versione al femminile di Tom Petty.
There's a sophisticated simplicity about Curtis's singing and songwriting that brings to mind Suzanne Vega.
Boston-based singer-songwriter Catie Curtis deserves to be better
known. That's what bubbled in my head after her uplifting concert Saturday night in Sacred Heart Music Center.  On a February night within the confines of an old cathedral, Curtis lit up Duluth and left many in the audience longing for a return visit.

John Ziegler

Sweet Life is an ode to affirmation, a clear antidote for troubled times.


Maybe we could dispense with all that  TYOTW and call 2008, instead, TYOCC - The Year Of Catie Curtis. Any takers?

Fred Mills

Singer-songwriter Catie Curtis is one of those rare talents: someone who can spin compelling, interesting and engaging music out of domestic happiness...Highly recommended.
"Hello, Stranger" is a beautiful album. I can't stop playing it. Charming, warm, intimate. Beautiful vocals, beautiful playing. And once more I'd like to applaud Garry West for an immaculate production.

Evert Wilbrink