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Long Night Moon Press

Catie Curtis, Long Night Moon

Certainly an equal to folks like Nanci Griffith or Shawn Colvin in songwriting style and ability, Catie Curtis is one of those artists you rediscover as you pass by at a folk fest on your way to see someone else. When you stop to have a listen, you remember once again that she is worth stopping for. Her songs are confident and concise with a sweet poetry that is defined by its simplicity. She touches equally on either side of the folk-pop hyphen.

A particular gem on the disc is "Passing Through", co-written with Mark Erelli.  It should be held up as a more positive and proactive response to the John Mayer anthem of lethargy, Waiting On The World To Change. Curtis sings of hope in a voice that you are willing to believe. Lorne Entress provides some lovely production work on the disc as a whole. - Chris Martin