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Start Again

words and music by Catie Curtis and Mark Simos  1998

If I had a voice it would sound like yours
If I had a voice
And if my eyes could see
They would see much more than I believed was there
Learn to speak, learn to see
Forget what I once knew
And start again

As I watch you move I am moving too
As I watch you move
And as you travel through
I am walking too, I am moved by you
To leave this place where I cant turn
I cant even breathe
And start again

If I had your heart I would dare like you
If I had your heart
But I cant seem to start
To love the world like that even if I wanted to
But I can learn to trust just enough
To push on past the end
And start again
Start again


Paul Bryanbass
Billy Conwaydrums
Catie Curtisvocals, acoustic guitar
Duke Levineacoustic guitar
Kenny Whiteorgan, harmony vocals