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People Change

People Change

Words and Music by Catie Curtis

I used to worry that love would fade

Like a magic spell that ends

Living at the mercy of a feeling that you can’t save

Something you cannot defend

And you build a life

Your paradise

You hope it lasts forever

When it falls apart

It’s such a crying shame

You can try to keep the flame

But people change

I got a box of pictures from a long time ago

It’s so hard looking at them now

We were so young, and so full of hope

We believed in our love

So we built a life

Our paradise

Hoped it’d last forever

And when it falls apart

You want someone to blame

You try and try to keep things the same

But people change

I have known people who’ve grown together hand in hand through life

The lucky ones making it better as the years go by

I’ll always wonder if I could have done

Something to stop drifting apart

It’s too late now, ‘cause the time comes

When you can’t turn back your heart

We build our lives

Our paradise

Tried to make it last forever

When it falls apart

It’s such a goddamn shame

Even when the love remains

People change

Julie Wolf • Wurlitzer

Jamie Edwards • Mellotron Strings and Flutes

Catie Curtis • Vocals