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Catie Curtis

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Strange As it Seems

from From Years To Hours... the early recordings

(eb5 ab/eb) (ebsus2 abadd9)
(ebsus2 bb) (ebsus2)

(eb5) strange (ab/eb) as it seems (ebsus2)
(abadd9) i don't want to leave (ebsus2 bb) (ebsus2)
(eb5) cra- (ab/eb) zy dream (ebsus2)
Been (abadd9) living in my bones (ebsus2 bb) oh (ebsus2)
(abadd9) when i've got no words to spare (ebsus2)
(abadd9) gotta be love that will
(bb7sus) take me (abadd9) there

(eb5) complain, (ab/eb) complain (ebsus2)
(abadd9) sometimes all i do (ebsus2 bb) (ebsus2)
(eb5) strange (ab/eb) i know (ebsus2)
But (abadd9) i don't want to go (ebsus2 bb) oh (ebsus2)
(abadd9) well the love lives underneath (ebsus2)
(abadd9) only rises when i
(bb7sus) bleed (abadd9) (abadd9)

Instrumental break:
(eb5 ab/eb) (eb ab) (ebsus2 bb) (ebsus2)

(abadd9) there were people here tonight (ebsus2)
(abadd9) they've all gone home now
They're (bb7sus) sleeping (abadd9) tight (abadd9)
(eb5) strange (ab/eb) as it seems (ebsus2)
(abadd9) i don't want to leave (eb5 ab/eb) (ebsus2 abadd9)

Outro: (ebsus2) (ebsus2) (ebmaj9) (ebmaj9) (eb5)

C. 1991 Catie curtis used with permission


Catie plays this in open D, capo on 1st fret.

updated 8 years ago