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Got Me Wondering

from From Years To Hours... the early recordings

Got Me Wondering

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88 beats per minute

Intro: (e7) (e7) (e7) (e7)

(e7) when i was with you
I thought i knew you so well
(a7sus) now when i see you
It's like i can't tell you from
(e7) anybody on the street
It's so strange the way i feel
(b) got me wondering
If the (a) love was all that (e7) real (e7)

(e7) you'd think i'd miss the letters
And the conversation
(a7sus) you'd think i'd miss a good friend
But i don't know if you were one
(e7) still i liked your style
And the way you looked at me
(b) got me wondering
If the (a) love was all that (e7) deep

(c#m) well it must have been (b) me
Was i a fool (a) or just too (e7) young?
(C#m) maybe i just (b) wanted to
Believe (a) i could be in love (e7)
(c#m) it's like another (b) lifetime
(a) back in those days (e7)
(c#m) and i don't re- (b) member now
Why i (a) wanted (d/a) you to (a) stay (d/a a) (a d/a a)
Stay (e7) (e7) (e7) (e7)

Instrumental break:
(a7sus) (a7sus) (e7) (e7) (b a) (e7)


(e7) you moved again
You got a brand new telephone
(a7sus) i've got the number somewhere
Think i'm gonna leave it alone
(e7) 'cause i feel so empty
Every time i talk to you
(b) got me wondering
If the (a) love was all that (e7) true
(b a) (e7)

C. 1991 Catie curtis used with permission

updated: 17 years ago