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Wallpaper Dreams

(bb) (cm) (ebadd9) (bb f/a)

(bb) time tells a (cm) lot
(ebadd9) sometimes things i (bb) never thought
Would (f/a) be said
(bb) and you just spilled a (cm) drop
(ebadd9) pretty soon you're in (bb)
Over your (f/a) head
(cm7) oh (ab)

(bb) and i am waking con- (cm7add4) fused
In my (f) room (fsus)
(f) i have this (bb) wallpaper dream (f/a)
Where i (gm7) can't find the seams
I study and (cm) stare
I want to (eb/g) know what's there (f/a)
(f) but it plays (bb) tricks on my mind (f/a)
It looks (ebadd9) different every time (f) (eb)
(bb) (cm) (ebadd9) (bb f/a)

(bb) well you tried to avoid (cm) it
(ebadd9) meanwhile your sto- (bb) ry
Just kept (f/a) on growing
(bb) out of control (cm)
(ebadd9) changing the (bb) look of the whole (f)
(cm7) oh (ab)


(bb) and we can have our day to (cm) day
(ebadd9) 'cause innocence is not (bb)
Everything they (f/a) say
(bb) and time tells the love (cm)
(ebadd9) how much truth it (bb) really needs
To (f) hold up
(cm7) oh (ab)



C. 1991 Catie Curtis used with permission


Catie plays this with the capo on the 2nd fret in the G configuration.