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Mine Fields

(gm7) (c/g) (eb/g) (gm c/g)
(gm7) (c/g) (eb/g) (gm c/g)

(gm7) i come home don't (c/g) know where you are
(eb/g) you must (gm) be working (c/g) pretty hard
(gm7) i feed the cat half (c/g) a can of food
And i (eb/g) sit at (gm) the table and (c/g) wait for you.
(Gm7) well, i don't like (c/g) doubting
That (eb/g) this old (gm) love will (c/g) hold
(gm7) but i have (c/g) my moments
When i'm (eb/g) just (gm) waiting for it (c/g) to explode.

(gm7) ooh, no (bbsus2) no good deals
In these (cm) mine fields today (ebadd9)
(gm7) it don't mat- (bbsus2) ter how i walk
(cm) i could get blown (ebadd9) away
(gm7) (f/a) under- (bb) neath the soil
(cm) and the flowers (ebadd9)
(gm7) i can hear (bbsus2) a ticking down
(cm) from years to hours (ebadd9) (ebadd9)

Instrumental break:
(gm7) (c/g) (eb/g) (gm c/g)
(gm7) (c/g) (eb/g) (gm c/g)

(gm7) there's not a lot of air in this (c/g) third floor flat
You want (eb/g) to go out- (gm) side
You want to (c/g) get some back.
(Gm7) you have said that you (c/g) cannot breathe
When you're (eb/g) caught up (gm) inside here
(c/g) with no reprieve.
(Gm7) well, i have (c/g) been trying
Not to (eb/g) hold you (gm) to your (c/g) lines
(gm7) but i feel (c/g) you leaning
(eb/g) (gm) out more (c/g) all the time.

(instrumental break)

(gm7)"forever's" a word i (c/g) leave on a shelf
I don't (eb/g) want his- (gm) tory to re- (c/g) peat itself
(gm7) so i take it (c/g) night by night
And i (eb/g) try not to (gm) hold (c/g) you too tight.
(Gm7) and i have (c/g) been dancing
(eb/g) up and (gm) down the (c/g) words
(gm7) trying (c/g) to find out why
(eb/g) things are (gm) not the (c/g) way they were.


(gm7) (c/g) (eb/g) (gm c/g)
(gm7) (c/g) (eb/g) (gm c/g)
(gm7) (c/g) (eb/g) (gm c/g)
(gm7) (c/g) (eb/g) (gm c)


Note:  Catie plays this with a capo on the 3rd fret, in Em.  The chords included with the lyrics were figured out by a listener and may not be precisely the same as the recording, but very close!