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On the Phone with My Sister

Intro: (g) (d/f#) (em7) (d5)*

I (g) pick up the phone
It is my (d/f#) sister she's crying
No- (em7) body knows
If the child (d) is gonna be all right
I (g) sit on the floor
(d/f#) and begin trying
To say (em7) something
That might (d) get her through the night

I say "re- (dm/f) member the days
When you would (cadd9/e) save me
I was (cmadd9/eb) eight years old
And i'd get (d) stuck in that tree
(dm/f) on the church lawn
And i'd be (cadd9/e) crying
And you would (cmadd9/eb)come up to me
And you would (d) help me down" (d)

(g) over the phone
(d/f#) she sounds like she's dying
No- (em7) body knows
So you can't (d) say "it's alright"
(g) she says "i don't (d/f#) think i have
The kind (em7) of strength
I'm gonna (d) need for this fight"

I say "re- (dm/f) member the days
When you would (cadd9/e) save me
I would (cmadd9/eb) get myself lost
And you would (d) bring me home
If (dm/f) anyone knows
How (cadd9/e) strong you are
It's your (cmadd9/eb) little sister,
It's your (d) little sister"

Instrumental break: (dm/f) (cadd9/e) (cmadd9/eb) (d)

(g) i can't sleep
When i (d/f#) worry about her
No- (em7) body knows
Just how (d) she will get through
So i (g) turn on the light
And i (d/f#) write in a letter
"i be- (em7) lieve in you,"
I say (d) "i believe in you"

So re- (dm/f) member the days
When you would (cadd9/e) save me
(cmadd9/eb) hoo (d) hoo

*all d major chords are played open with no 3rd (f#).


Note:  guitar chords were figured out by a listener and may not reflect the precise way that Catie plays it.