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Days at Sea and Pittsburgh!

I'm packing up the microphones and sunscreen, ready for my gig on a CRUISE! This is the most magnificent perk of being a musician, I tell ya. I heard there was a flu outbreak on a major cruise line this week, but we've outsmarted that by coming down with our own stomach flu THIS week. Done with that! My four year old Lucy was forced to make dinner (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) for herself and her 2 year old sister while I laid on the couch.  I might have to get "sick" more often.

Following the days at sea, I will travel to the mighty Pittsburgh, where my show at Club Cafe will be broadcast live on WYEP radio. Ingrid Graudins will be singing her gorgeous harmonies with me there. Tune in from anywhere. Then it's off to Phoenixville (near Philadelphia) PA and Cooperstown, NY, where the show will feature producer Lorne Entress on percussion and mando.