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Full Corn Moon

Hey all, there's a full moon tonight!  In celebration of my new CD "Long Night Moon" (another name for the December or Full Cold Moon), tonight we watch for the Full Corn Moon (lucky thing I didn't write Long Night Moon in September.)

The Making of Long Night Moon is here!  LNM producer Lorne Entress has recently posted his thoughts about the process of recording the new CD. Read from the producer's perspective at

Check out a politically oriented interview that's been posted at with host Rob Millis. We spoke last week in NYC.

The songs from Long Night Moon are now loaded in Radio Catie on this site (just click on "listen") You can always click through songs in order to hear one of the new ones if you wish. Also, Long Night Moon is featured as essential listening on this hip internet radio station: radioio acoustic, where you can discover lots of cool new music you wouldn't hear on mainstream radio. XM "the loft" and Sirius radio are also good places to tune in to hear the new CD. And of course you can go get the CD anytime!

The video of People Look Around can now be watched on You Tube: click.  If you want others to hear the song, there's an easy "share video" command to help you send it to friends. And while you're there, you might want to check out the Xena video someone made to my song Radical! I have no idea who created it, but it's hilarious.


P.S. Check out the "reviews" section of this site to read more about the new CD.