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Gone to Texas

Gone to Texas
We just finished mastering (the very last step in the CD making process) the new album, "Long Night Moon."  I am about to sign a licensing deal with...  well, I'll tell ya when the ink is dry.  We're planning an August release.  In the meantime, I had a wonderful time in the Midwest, especially playing the show at the Ark in Ann Arbor (a former stomping ground of mine) with Chris Trapper  He gave me a copy of his latest, "Gone," which I can't stop listening to.  

I'm packing up for a trip to Texas and Oklahoma.  I love the rooms (Cactus Cafe, Mucky Duck, Uncle Calvin's and the Blue Door), and I'm looking forward to breakfast at Las Manitas in Austin.  woo hoo!  That plus sunshine and it's all good.  

Hasta la Texas