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Mix it up!

This weekend I will be in NYC mixing my new record--okay, attending the mix sessions--with Ben Wisch ("A Crash Course in Roses") engineering.  That means we'll be dialing, twiddling, fading, listening and lunching.  AND I also have shows in the evenings -- Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem PA on Friday, Tin Angel in Philly on Saturday, and the Turning Point in Piermont NY (right outside of NYC) on Sunday.  The talented Meg Hutchinson opens shows in Bethlehem and Philly.  

The show at Jimmy Tingle's Off-Broadway Theater was sold out (thanks!)  If you missed it,  you can still catch Jimmy performing his "American Dream" show (comedy and political satire brilliantly done) every Saturday afternoon at his theater in Somerville MA.