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Long Night Moon news: the HOLIDAY edition

As I write to you, Sam the pug is snoring, curled up sound asleep on my down jacket. He really does sleep most of the winter away, except for when we take short walks. Sam loves the new neighborhood (so much to smell) and genially greets other dogs, while we humans follow behind carrying weighted plastic baggies.

We just passed the December full moon, the long night moon, and I wanted to remind you to consider passing along Long Night Moon as a holiday gift this year. If you buy the CD through Bulletproof Store (independently owned by my friend Patty), there's a special deal involving buying three CDs. The theme of getting through winter/dark times is central to this CD and perfect for the winter solstice! Reviews, lyrics and notes about Long Night Moon are here under MUSIC and REVIEWS.

This Friday, Ill be at one of my favorite venues on the planet, the Iron Horse, in Northampton, MA with special guest Antje Duvekot. Then on December 19th , my traditional (its all relative) holiday-ish show at the Watercolor Cafe in Larchmont, NY.

"People Look Around, co-written with Mark Erelli, is up for Song of the Year through the North American Folk Alliance. If you are a member, youll get a ballot via email for voting. Go to Folk Alliance for more general information about the FA.

Check out the new tour dates. As promised, I am finally going to make it to southern California. I couldnt resist playing L.A. in January, while back east we're cold as hell (but we've got ways to entertain ourselves.)

Until the new year
stay warm,