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The Basketball State

Greetings from Tennessee, this week's basketball state.  I'm mixing my new CD, Sweet Life, here at Compass Records.  I'll be watching the NCAA women's basketball final tonight--  Tennessee vs. Stanford.  Memphis men blew it last night, but no one here in Nashville seems particularly concerned. This weekend (SAT) I travel to Connecticut for a show at the Beekely Library in New Hartford, CT.  Details under "GIGS."  

Last week I appeared as a guest on a show for First Freedom First, co-sponsored by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.  The show was taped in Washington DC and was shown, March 26th at Regent Theaters.   It can be seen online at:  First Freedom First  The event was pretty amazing, including luminaries such as Jack Klugman, Michael J. Fox and Wendy Mallack.   The online simulcast is billed as "Everything you wanted to know about separation of church and state but were afraid to ask!"

For those of you trying to wrap your minds around "what is folk music," here's a recent Boston Globe piece about Club Passim in Cambridge, MA, which explores that question.  (thanks to Ellen at Red House for sending this link along to me)  

I added a handful of Colorado live stage photos taken by ace photographer Reggie Barrett.  Go to PHOTOS, and click on LIVE.