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Catie Curtis Hello Stranger Fall Tour with Benefits

Hello Stranger... The new string band CD is cruising along getting lots of airplay on Americana radio. Do you have it yet? You can order it this very moment by going to Compass Records or downloading it on itunes. Here's a new review, just out:

This Saturday October 10th, I fly down to Washington DC to play a show at a hip little antique store called Miss Pixies, as a fundraiser for Ganymede Arts (GLBT Theater Arts organization). To support Ganymede at a higher level, you can join us for an intimate dinner at Floriana's at 5 PM. Tickets can be purchased at Ganymede. The show features special guest Tom Goss. Click here for info about Miss Pixies. The event is coinciding with the National Equality March for marriage equality, taking place in DC on the 11th.

In late October I head over to that gorgeous West Coast for a short run of gigs. Pick up your concert tickets/reservations ASAP because before you know it, I'll be back here on the East Coast and then you'll be asking why don't I ever come to the West Coast! Don't depend on the San Francisco Chronicle to tell you... you heard it here first! And you can always get updates on the tour at Catie Curtis.

Finally, I'll hit the homestretch with hometown gigs in Northampton MA, Arlington MA, and Yarmouth Maine in early November, with PA and VA to follow. Tickets are already on sale for the Regent Theater show in Arlington, which will also feature special guests Lindsay Mac and Rose Polenzani. There will be a few other surprise guests as well. In Yarmouth, ME, I am donating my concert to benefit Safe Passage because it is one of the most effective and inspiring non-profit organizations I have ever encountered. They provide schools for children whose families live near the dump in Guatemala City, families who survive by picking and selling the dumps recyclable materials. Safe Passage has educated thousands of children who would never have otherwise had the chance to attend school. When I see the pictures of the children on the Safe Passage website, it is not hard to imagine how much the opportunity means to these families.

Here in Massachusetts, Liz and I walk our two daughters to school in the morning, now that they are in kindergarten and second grade. Sam the Pug leads the way. It's a beautiful life, today.

See you out there,
Catie Curtis