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Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Kickstarter Campaign Launched
BIG NEWS: My brand new "Catie Curtis Live" CD has arrived in the warehouse (my porch)! You can pick it up as a perk for backing my upcoming studio CD! "While We're Here" is a collection of new Catie Curtis songs about endings and beginnings, about love and human connection. Lots more about it on my Kickstarter page!

Scroll down to see upcoming tour dates in Nashville, Georgia, Massachusetts, NY, Maine and more!
There are still a few tickets available at Eddie's Attic (with Maia Sharp) this weekend in Decatur, GA...
And if you want me to come to your town, ask new booking agent: Mike Green. You can reach him at He's an excellent agent and a great guy.

Once in a while someone at a gig will say, "wow, I didn't know you were still doing this!" While that remark could be taken the wrong way (I'm not THAT old!) it also makes me realize that it is an accomplishment, not just surviving but thriving n the music business. The "Catie Curtis LIVE" CD will show you that yes, I'm very much still having a blast playing! Yes, I am STILL doing this!

Hope to see or hear from you all soon.
All the best,

updated: 6 years ago