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About My New Album, The Raft!

The Raft

This album, like my others, is a labor of love. What is different about this album is that I played, sang, recorded and produced it on my own while isolating during a global pandemic.

This spring I borrowed some gear from my friend Crit Harmon, an engineer and producer. At first, I thought I would just record voice and guitar demos of the songs I had written over the last couple of years. Then something surprising happened. I found myself hearing arrangements, counter melodies, and textures-and I felt eager to try them out. I became obsessed with trying different instruments, harmonies and stylistic approaches and realized I was producing an album. LIke many of us, I spent a lot of time by myself this spring. Feeling excited about recording and producing an album on my own and to eventually share with you was a liberating and wonderfully consuming way to get through the past few months.

The songs, which were written with support from fans on my Patreon page, are fundamentally about connection. The Raft (title track) describes going to a place where we can be ourselves, inspired and supported by others - “we’re gonna build a raft and hold on.” In Days of the Stage, I write nostalgically about playing live shows. April in Boston captures the early stages of quarantine and how it felt to be a quarter mile from the marathon route while no marathon was happening. And it wouldn’t be a quarantine record without Our Two Dogs - a song many of you have asked me to record. Songs about social justice, the loss of a loved one, and of course, love songs, round out the album.

Stay tuned for news about the release date, and a kickstarter campaign to get the music out there!