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Home Sweet Life

The new recording is tracked! We recorded 12 songs live with a band. The lineup: Alison Prestwood on bass, Shannon Forrest on drums, George Marinelli on guitars, Phil Madeira on keys. Andrea Zonn sings harmony vocals.  They are all legendary Nashville session players and touring musicians. George has been Bonnie Raitt's guitarist for the last 10 years, and Andrea sings on the road with James Taylor, for example! I'm very excited to get this new project (working title: Sweet Life) out on August 26 via Compass Records. I believe that ALL the songs requested on my message board got recorded.

This Saturday I perform in Vermont at the cutest little theater ever, with the cleverly original Anais Mitchell  opening. Then it's out to Utah and Colorado (Denver show with  Susan Werner—don't miss this one) next weekend and Rhode Island at the end of the month.  

In February, I was away a lot, between work on the CD and shows in the Mid-West and elsewhere. Delicacies like grilled peanut butter and jelly are pretty hard to come by on the road. You'd be surprised. After 2 weeks, my kids were telling me stories from Christmas, as though I'd been away for months.  In Nashville, where I recorded,  I was lucky to stay with my dear friend Mary Gauthier who took great care of me.  Her pal Diana Jones even got me in to see a Doc when I had a slight case of laryngitis.  Apparently my Nashville doc is not only the Gov's Doc but also Ann Patchett's husband. Cool, huh? Nashville is kinda surreal that way; lots of interesting people living in a small town.

I've been the recipient of some real generosity out there with regard to musical gear and I wanted to pass on the names of some neat companies.  First of all, my old friend Duncan Clark from high school is a leather worker and made me a guitar strap using an image I sent him of a Mayan symbol I wanted on it.  The strap is beautiful – if you are interested in a custom made guitar strap here's his  myspace page.  Also, there's a new capo-making company called G7th capos, and they just sent me their new "Nashville capo."  It's definitely the BEST capo I've ever used and you will be seeing it on my guitar wherever I go.  I'm also indebted to Elixir Strings for their ongoing endorsement.   I've used nothing but Elixir for over 5 years and it's about time I said thanks.    

Bye now, see you out there!