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April Yays and Nays

My latest recording, Long Night Moon, has just been named a finalist in the Indie Acoustic Awards in the category of "Best Lyrics." Yay

The April tour includes some off the beaten path venues I've never played. along with some of my favorite rooms: High Noon in Madison WI, Jammin' Java in VA, Joe's Pub in NYC , the Me and Thee in Marblehead MA and the Natick (MA) Center for the Arts. Yay

I don't usually weigh in on these things, but this month, a couple of Nays on subjects near and dear-- adoption and women's basketball: Avoid the movie Meet the Robinsons. The depiction of adoption is horrendous. See link to read a letter from Wide Horizons for Children. And Imus, it's time to go.  Read Rutger's Women's b-ball coach's statement here: link

Let's make a good noise,