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JUNE news from the DUNES

I'm writing from a summer cottage called Dune View, on Lake Michigan. But summer hasn't quite found us yet, here where a chilly wind blows the dune grass flat against the sand. For a couple months, we leave New England to be beside this water that acts so much like the ocean. I keep wondering when the salty air will get here and I admit to being confused by all these waves with no tide.  

Coming up this summer, I'll join Mountain Stage Live for a show broadcast from Ann Arbor MI on July 1 (w/accompanying singer Ingrid Graudins).  Then I head to the Concert of Colors in Detroit and the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival (link). The fall schedule includes the Boston Folk Festival, a west coast tour, the Moab Folk Festival, Provincetown MA (women's week), and some very cool northeast rooms.

Find your joy.