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JULY 2007

Summertime, ahhhh...I can hardly make myself sit at the computer, it's so gorgeous out today.

Next week I play a really cool diversity festival called the Concert of Colors.  The last time I played it, I discovered all kinds of world music, representing the deep cultural diversity of the Detroit area.  After that, I'll play the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival on August 9 and 10.  Also a unique cultural experience, all its own.

I leave Michigan for Colorado, where I'll spend four days teaching at the Folks Festival (Lyons, CO) Song School.  If you ever wanted to work on your songwriting, whether you are a beginner or professional, this is the place to do it. It's everything you could want:  a beautiful setting and creative, laid-back people.  I'll stay around to perform at Folks Fest which has a fantastic line-up this year.  

Then I'll be back in New England, where I have a concert in a barn (!) up in Wolfeboro NH.  There's a dinner first, BYOB.  Sounds very down-home, and a good way to celebrate summer's end.  

Check out my fall schedule to get tickets ahead for some of the smaller rooms I play which often sell out.  Fall festivals include the Boston Folk Festival and the Moab Festival.  Also now's the time to book your place on the 100th Olivia Cruise, to the Mexican Riviera where I'll perform along with Lily Tomlin, Karen Williams and Julie Wolf.  

Links to all these shows are active under the GIGS section of this site.  
See you out there,