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Morning in Virginia

I'm in Harrisonburg VA today, for two shows at James Madison University.  A few hours ago, Virginia observed a moment of silence for the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings. JMU students wore Tech colors and some students from Virginia Tech were at the ceremony to express appreciation for JMU support. After that, I was scheduled to talk to students about being a singer/songwriter. Not surprisingly, the conversation took a more philosophical turn as the students came with their pain over the events, and also frustration with the feeling that their generation has to deal with so many problems. We talked about the importance of having some spiritual understanding of ourselves and the world, in order to get through these hard times. Two books I recommend in this vein are Anne Lamotte's new one, "Grace (Eventually)" and Elizabeth Lesser's "Broken Open." My thoughts are with those reeling from the violence on the Tech campus.

Saturday the 21st, I play in Vienna VA, then Joe's Pub in NYC on Sunday. The following weekend, April 27th, I'll be at the Natick Center for the Arts in Massachusetts.

See you out there!