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People Still Look Around

"People Look Around," a new song I co-wrote with Mark Erelli, is now available for streaming and download under "MUSIC," above or just click on the listen button to the right on this home page.  It's a post-Katrina song that I've been playing live and audiences have been asking for.  So I went in the studio and now, check it out, instant gratification is here at

This week,  I travel to Arizona and Colorado for a few gigs there.  I am so looking forward to dry beauty.  I've just returned from an Olivia cruise, which featured (besides me, of course), Sheryl Swoopes, the Indigo Girls, Julie Wolf, Kate Clinton, Karen William, Rene Hicks, Tig and Martina Navratilova.  See how we've become best of friends?  

Two of my songs have been picked up for use in the soundtrack of an independent movie just released this week called "Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family" The trailer is at

Hope to see you soon,