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Serendipity is fun

I just spent four days in Arizona and Colorado, where all kinds of serendipitous things happened, leading me to a cool bookstore in Tuscon (Antigone Books), and to performing with Tracy Grammer (who's awesome), and to some free Krispy Kreme donuts in Phoenix, among other adventures.  Sometimes the road is full of hassles and sometimes prizes.  This time, prizes.  Not the least of which was the fact that in each town the promoters were/are changing the world (in some small way) through their grassroots community-building concerts.  And they were really nice.  

I'll be back on the road in December, for some mid-Atlantic and Northeast dates.  See "Gigs" section, and please sign up on the mailing list so you'll know when I'm visiting somewhere near you.  Also in December, a Christmas track I recorded years ago will be in an episode of Grey's Anatomy (that's TV, for you non-TV people).  

"People Look Around," a new song I co-wrote with Mark Erelli, is now available for streaming and download under "MUSIC," above or just click on the listen button to the right on this home page.  It's a post-Katrina song that I've been playing live and audiences have been asking for.  So I went in the studio and now, check it out, instant gratification is here at

Take care,